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We Imagine the Best Solutions

The design of a packaging has a direct impact on its performance and on safety during its transport and handling. Our design department is equipped with a prototyping area, where we conduct static and dynamic tests on samples, which are a critical part of the overall performance evaluation process. In addition, during the prototyping phase, we strongly encourage clients not only to prioritize on the technical aspects, but also on the aesthetic of the packaging, which has a decisive impact on the overall product image.

Quick and Flexible Production Processes

Our production system is characterized by a blend of advanced industrial machineries and skilful craftiness, which make it incredibly flexible and versatile. We are able to realize small and big batches with the same ease, keeping the same high standards. Throughout the years, we have increased the pool of the materials we shape, so to have the freedom to pick the most convenient solutions based on the performance we need. Thanks to these aspects, we are able to support the needs of a heterogeneous and ever changing market.

The Crucial Role of Space

Almost half of our covered areas are devoted to the storage of finished or semi-finished products. This reflects the specific choice of managing repetitive batches, supplying clients with a valuable logistic service. When it comes to warehousing, each client has specific needs that we try to interpret and satisfy. Transport is also an important logistic aspect that we try to nail by reducing shipping time, where possible.