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Sustainability and
Respect for the Environment



Kg of CO2 saved every year thanks to the use of solar panels



Tons of oil saved thanks to the energy derived by solar panels



Of our wooden waste is recycled into pellet

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Protecting the Environment is our Priority

We strongly believe that companies have a duty in preserving and protecting the environment. For this reason, we aim our effort to put sustainability at the centre of our everyday agenda when it comes to decision making. Part of our plant is powered by solar panels, which allow us to save 240.000 kg of CO2 every year. In addition, the large majority of our suppliers own certifications guaranteeing an ethical deployment of all natural resources that lie at the core of our business.
When we design our products, we try to make sure this will be easy to recycle and we encourage our clients to consider recyclability as a crucial aspect.
Thanks to our ambition to recycle wooden waste, we have invested in a machine that turns such waste into compacted sawdust that becomes pellet fuels for residential heating.