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What We Can Guarantee

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To comply with the sector standards, Polibox has worked to obtain the ISO9001. This certification guarantees that our company operates with efficient production and management processes.

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ISO 14001 is an international regulation Polibox has willingly adhered to. This decision is coherent with our aim to efficiently manage our environmentally friendly efforts and overall performance.

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Through this certification, our company shows its adherence to FAO’s ISPM 15 standard, defining the right phytosanitary treatments that need to be carried out on wood to preserve forests and their biodiversity.

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This certificate is a statement of our compliance with tax payment regulations, as well as social security, welfare and insurance regulations.

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Periodically, we send our pellet out for quality testing, in order to make sure we keep providing a product that is up to the standards. Download the PDF to check the latest results (data is provided in Italian).