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Personalized Packaging

We operate in a variety of manufacturing sectors, such as electrotechnics, air conditioning, defence, ceramic surfaces production or interior design, protecting a range of different products.

A Special Attention to the

We pick ethically sourced raw materials and strive to improve the efficiency of our production system to reduce our impact on the environment.

Custom Systems

We combine different materials in a way that enhances their performance, to offer the best outcome.

Managing the
Logistic Flow

A careful management of our production areas together with an advanced and fully personalised operations management program contribute to keep high services standards.

Innovation and

We invest in technology to improve the speed and reliability of our supply chain.

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Suitable for Simple and Complex Needs

Polibox was established in 1996 as a wood crates and pallets manufacturing company. Throughout the years, the company has acquired special expertise and technical knowledge that, together with creativity have become its major strenghts.
Thanks to its machining centres and qualified personnel, Polibox can shape wood with great precision, offering complex packaging solutions.
By investing in state-of-the-art machineries, Polibox has been able to complement standard solutions introducing new materials and designs that have improved performances.


Design, Production and Logistic Flow

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to design complex solutions, in the flexibility of our supply chain and in our willingness to invest in Industry 4.0. We truly believe that technology represents a professional and economic growth opportunity for our company and employees.
Our ultimate goal is to achieve our customers’ satisfaction, so we constantly aim all our efforts towards the improvement of the services we offer.
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Discover Our Products

We categorize our offering into four different groups: folding crates, modular crates, special solutions and corrugated boxes.

Modular Crates


Corrugated Boxes

Special Solutions

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Increasing Efforts to Support the Environment

One of our greatest challenges is to reduce our impact on the environment. We would like to work in the full respect of the ecosystem, encouraging our clients to do the same. In the last decade, Polibox has doubled the efforts towards a more sustainable way of doing business, taking some key actions as the employment of renewable energy, a correct waste disposal and through client sensitization on the topic.